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4NZyx.com is better than Web Analytics. It's Web FORENSICS.

4NZyx.com delivers more than aggregate sessions and pages loads, and even more than Google Analytics Real-Time Analysis. It tells you what users are doing right now and follows their entire chain of activity as they traverse your website in a single visit or across multiple sessions. It works after adding only a single line of code to your site and does not require complex programming or configuration to set up custom events and tags. Once activated, 4NZyx.com immediately and automatically begins to report what you really want to know.

Web Forensics Reveal The Whole Story

While analytics can tell you general trends, only web forensics will show you within seconds the exact usage and behavior of your visitors. Have you ever wondered what is happening "in the cloud" at a specific point in time? 4NZyx.com will give you that snapshot instantly, including all users on the site, what they last clicked, and even whether they have scrolled down the page. It can tell you how fast their connection speed is, what device and resolution they are using, and even if they are a casual or serious user of your website. No other analytics program can give you the insight that 4NZyx.com offers with absolutely zero custom programming.

Do you suspect that your current analytics provider is supressing and "interpreting" information for you? Many people have witnessed first-hand where popular analytics providers (such as Google Analytics) omit certain behaviors and traffic. How do you know what's really happening inside the box? 4NZyx.com tells you everything - every user, bot, hacker, scraper, guest, memeber, lurker... no matter who is loading a page on your site, you can be sure that 4NZyx.com will detect and report it.

Document Malicious Activity and Abuse

4NZyx.com offers the automated reporting of malicious users and violators of your terms of service either on a routine schedule or in real time as it is happening so that you or your IT department can intervene. Stop hackers from gaining access to your systems. Catch users "scraping" your site to steal your content. Prevent denial-of-service (DoS) attacks. Determine which automated "bots" are dragging your site's performance down. Optional integrations even allow you to automatically ban the IP addresses of abusive users.

Remember that 4NZyx.com is seeing traffic not only on your site, but on all sites across all subscribers of our system. So we can tell when someone out there is up to no good! We aggregate usage across our entire reach to find out when visitors are hitting your site for reasons that are not in your best interest, and we let you know about it.

Created By Website Operators For Website Operators

4NZyx.com was created by a consortium of website operators and programmers that wanted a higher degree of insight into how their website was functioning. 4NZyx.com provides the "back end infrastructure" to allow programmers to extend it in many ways. The basic interface shows you a great deal of information, but in most cases users are referred to 4NZyx.com by a software developer or IT professional who intends to extend the service using their own tools and interfaces.

Application-Specific Extensions - Magento, Drupal, Wordpress and More

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